Who are we?


Formerly known as Cognitive Limits, DCA Supplements was formed in early 2014 as a company that aimed to push at the boundaries of the supplement industry by cutting through the hype and delivering formulas that work. Our passion for the industry came about by using ourselves as human guinea pigs and experimenting with a wide variety of nootropics, to help us through college. While positive subjective experiences are easy enough to come across on any given substance, we knew that there had to be scientific research behind all ingredients in our products. Frustrated by the industry either trending towards unsafe ingredients as seen in some pre-workout products or generic health brands pushing products that are generally fairy dust, we decided to launch a product with an effect you can literally feel.

Thus we launched Wired later that year after extensive research and testing, and we're pretty proud of a product that can make a real difference for people. After 2 years and many happy customers, we've 'grown up' a little and are looking to branch into other supplements, hence the rebrand to DCA Supplements. Always fueled by a passion for fitness, we are now proud to bring to you our next supplement, Core+.

We are proudly 100% Kiwi owned and have helped 1000s of people across New Zealand & Australia.

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